Quality Firewood in Perthshire



At present,we are delighted to confirm to our new and existing customers,we are able to hold our price the same as last season .  We store our logs in a standard potato box, this is equivalent of - 2 large builders bulk bags, our seasoned wood is delivered loose in a tipping trailer



The list below shows the typical price for a single load for the forthcoming season:-

 Location Single Load
 Ex Yard  £115
 Auchterarder  £115
 Blackford  £115
 Braco  £125
 Dunning  £125
 Crieff/Braco  £125
 Comrie  £135
 Perth  £135
 Scone  £140
Softwood Kindling £5.25/bag

Additional service - Stacking Logs -Minimum charge £25.00 depending on distance from trailer.

For delivery destinations not listed in the above table please contact us so that we can give you an accurate delivery cost to your address.